Friday, November 21, 2014

Sprayed Bleach Shirt

Everyone(including Ashish) loved my shirt I made for the Meet  & Greet with Ashish Arora,CEO of Cricut in Nashville, TN. I wanted to share how I made it, it's really easy!!!
 It's an old technique, but quick easy and cheap!!!  

Here is what you need:

Cricut Machine (any one) 
Spray Bottle 
Vinyl or Contact Paper


Step 1: If you're using a new T-shirt wash it before you do this technique. 

Step 2: Once its cleaned an dried, Put your T-shirt on a flat surface so you can easily put your image on. 

Step 3: While your shirt is washing, find an image and design your t-shirt. Once its all designed and you love it, Cut it out. 
You can use vinyl or contact paper.  
Tip: In Design Space you can change the canvas and shirt sizes, So, you know just how big you need your image. 


Step 4: Add your cut out image to the t-shirt. Make sure you press it down good. It's okay if you don't get it all the way, The bleach will just bleed and I personally think it adds to the effect. 


 Step 5: Pour some Bleach in a spray bottle.  
Caution: Don't get it on your other cloths!!!

Step 6; Now the fun part!!!! Spray over the design. 
The messier the better. For fun spray the sleeves and other random spots too. If you let it sit a minute and add a few more random sprays it will add a different color. 

Step 7: When you have your desired look, place a paper towel over the image to absorb any excess bleach. 

Step 8: Remove the Vinyl(contact paper). 

Step 9: To get rid of the bleach smell, hand rinse with cold water. 

Step 10: WASH IT AGAIN!!!! Wash it with cold water, this will help it from bleeding and get rid of the bleach smell. 
If you do several all the same color you could wash them at the same time... 

Tada!!!! I love this technique. It would also be fun to get a white shirt and spray colored dye on it!!! OMG, I'm going to TRY IT!!! 

I would love to see what you make using this technique.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Cricut Guy & Design Space Link

I will be showing you how I put together this Cricut Guy after I made him in Cricut Design Space and cut him from my Cricut Explore.  I used the images from Teddy Bear Parade and Store Front Cartridges(both are in the subscription, to create this fun little guy. I will share the Cricut Design Space Link at the bottom of this post. 

This is the Finished Cut!!! 

Simply cut out the pieces... There is only 3 colors so its very easy. 
(excuse the dirty mat)

I then punched out a circle and just cut it into pieces to back my eyes and mouth. 

I use 2 Way Glue to adhere them.
(any glue will work) 
Tip: Make sure your pieces cover the holes before you adhere them.

I added Stampin'Dimensionals on the eyes so they would pop.Add his shirt,and your done! 

I hope you all enjoy this cute little Cricut Guy.

Here is the Design Space Link:

All you have to do is click the link it will open up in your Cricut Design Space Account. 
You can cut him free if you have the subscription. 
The images I used where from Store Front &  Teddy Bear Parade, so if you have both it will be free. If you have just one of the 2 you will have to only pay $0.99 and you will own it to cut when ever you like.  Please feel free to comment, share & ask any questions.

p.s. If you have Teddy Bear Parade you can use all the outfits on the 
Cricut Guy how fun would that be!!! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blow Pop Witch...

The original plan was to make ghosts with the Blow Pops, but I discovered I had no white tissue paper.  So, I tried to find ideas on Pinterest. I found vampires and pumpkins... and nothing really I could use with green. The only color I had, and green ghosts are not cute. I found a cute lil witch hat  and figured i'll just make a WITCH!!!!   

Here are the Supplies I used:

Blow Pops (or Tootsie Pops)
Tissue Paper 
Punched out Flowers 
2 1/2 in circle with a 1 in circle cut out the center
Rectangular Piece Of  Paper rolled into a cone
Google Eyes 
Eye Lash Yarn 

Here she is... Really easy to do.... 

1. Cover the Blow Pop with green tissue paper. 
2. Tie a ribbon around the stick to secure the tissue paper.
3. Cut out your circles, I used my Cricut was easier. 
Trace and Cut The Circle By Hand
4. Roll your rectangular paper into cones. 
5. Slide the circle over the cone to see where you need to cut.  

6. Leave about a 1/4  in. space extra. 
7. Once you have the excess trimmed, make 5 or 6 snips.(about 1/4in.)

8. Should look this.. .then add glue to the tabs .
9. Slide the circle over, should fit perfectly.
Add an additional circle(brim) in the bottom to cover the tabs, the reason i say this is optional is because the hair covers it any way. 
10. Glue on the hat. and add any embellishment.
11. Make the ugly witch nose my twisting tissue paper with your fingers. 
Hold one end in one hand and twist with the other, you will  get a flat side. 
looks funny but makes gluing on easier. 
Add a green bling  to the nose, it look s like a wart. lol

12. Glue on the Google Eyes and Nose.
13. Add a dot of hot glue in the back of her head and just wrap the Eye Lash Yarn around a few times.
Get it as close as possible to the brim of the hat. 
Add a dot more of glue to attach the end of the yarn. 

You my have to fix the fibers a little, and trim the nose but, as long as she is creepy cute that's all that  matters. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bugs -N- Kisses

I have seen lots and lots of ways to make cute treat bags or boxes and use Bugs -N- Kisses. All I see is spiders and other gross bugs, I wanted mine to be cute.  I'll post a link to the contest I'm entering and where to get the cut file. 

These are the boxes I made and filled them with Hershey's Kisses. 
If you want to see how I made them keep scrollin'. 

Here are the Supplies I used:

*Papers From Little Yellow Bicycle-Trick or Treat  & an old Halloween Martha Stewart Paper Pad. All other paper is Recollections card stock.
*Elmer's Xtreame Glue Stick(out of ATC)
*Stampin Up! Ink-Sahara Sand 
*Stampin Up! Stampin' Write Marker- Basic Black 
*Stampin' Dimensionals
*We Are Memory Keepers-Crop-o-dile
*Gelly Roll Pen- White 

*Cricut Explore 
*Ribbon (from stash)
*Hershey's Kisses 
*Blending Chalk 
* Scissors


1. I cut out all the pieces with my Cricut. The Link to the file will be at the end of this post. 

I used my little test bug to hold the little pieces. 

2. I folded and glued the tops and bottoms of the boxes. 

And they looked like this... the top has like a little tap cut out to hold the bottom to remove the top. 

3.I organized the bug parts and started to ink and glue them together. I drew on the eyes with my Stampin' Write Maker. And I added a Highlight on his nose with a Gelly Roll Pen.

4. He is really cute once he is all together. 

5. I flipped him over to and added Stampin' Dimensionals , to make him pop up from the lid. I did this, so it would be easier to add the ribbon and little "bugs -n- kisses" flag. 

6. Using the Print Then Cut Feature, I made the little "Bugs -N- Kisses" flags. Was so quick and easy. I inked them up, layered them and punched a hole with my Crop-O-Dile. 

7. I tied on the ribbon and flag. Then filled up the box with kisses and little strips of curled paper.

And that was it... Sorry Some of the photos I wanted to share I couldn't get loaded. Hope you enjoy them...

Link for File 

Contest Link

Special thanks to my friend Jennifer Laging, for encouraging me to enter the contest and inspiring me everyday!!!!  

Bugs -n- Kisses 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thinkin' about joinin' Stampin' Up!... OCT. SPECIAL....

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Recent Projects....

I've been a busy guy cutting away with my Cricuts.... 
 Here are a few pics of what I've been working on!!!! 

Here are some cuts I made for a swap partner who had her first set of cuts lost in the mail.... 
I loved them I almost just kept them... 

I made this card for a friend, just so she knew I was there for her when ever she needed me... 

Also, made 4 of these they are all the same but with different smiles. I'd like to make something for my co-workers every Friday of October... So, yes more Halloween cuteness to come. 

I made this box using only a 4.5in. X 6.5in. piece of paper.. 
Here is the link to the great video on how its done... 


Friday, September 26, 2014

Baby Shower Thank You Bottle Labels

My friend and co-worker Natalie, was playing with ideas for a friends Baby Shower. 
I had to let her know how much easier it would be with my Cricut. 
I ended up cutting out 30 whales and over 100 stars. What was I thinking!!!

Once she saw how cute they where she asked if my Cricut Thing could make drink labels. 
Of course I said "YES!,My Cricut Does EVERYTHING!!!"

So I ended up cutting out 50 more whales, stars and little banners.

Here are the first set...

These are the labels, they wanted them to say Thank You!
But I thought that was just boring and the theme is Whales... So why not play with that!!!!

We're "Whaley" Glad You Came

"Whaley" instead of "Really"
(just incase you didn't get it) 

I just cut a strip of paper to wrap around the bottle. To keep it on I just used Washi Tape.
 Then just added the whale with Stampin' Dimensionals.
I love how they came out... this is just my bottle of water I practiced on that's why its half empty.

"Whaley" Glad you stopped by to check this out!!! LOL  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Print Then Cut... is here and I made magnets!!!!

Cricut has finally released the Print Then Cut  feature for the Explore. I have so many ideas for the new features. But I wanted to share the first project I made. I found an image of Ariel (The Little Mermaid), that I love, and I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it.  I was determined to make some thing with this image. I pulled out some old printable magnet sheets I had and made magnets!!! 

I had to change the shape of the image which was easy to do in Inkscape (image manipulating software). Once I had the desired shape I uploaded it into Cricut Design Space. Copy and pasted to make two and printed it out then put it in my Explore and it cut it out!!! Was so quick and easy!!! 

I used  Avery 53208 Printable Magnet Sheets.  The only negative I found was the major waste of my magnet sheet. I really don't care, I have 2 cool magnets that no one else has. Can you imagine all the other cute custom things that can be made... WOW!!!!

Here is the finished magnet, i'll probably go over it with Mod Podge, just in case it gets wet. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oh no my Sponge Daubers where crushed!!!

As you may have seen in a previous post I recently became a Stampin' Up Demonstrator . I opened up my kit and my Sponge Daubers were crushed!!! Oh no!!! 
Here is what they looked like... Three of them survived but two of them were just crushed. Stampin Up! is sending me replacements, and told me to toss or keep these ones. I didn't want to just toss them the sponge was still good so I got to thinking. I have a whole bag of cork screws I can use those?! So, I just took the lil sponge part off and added it to the end of the cork. They look pretty cool, and work great. Now, I need more inks!!! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First project with Stampin Up!

I got this fun lil kit in my Demonstrator Kit, it's called Paper Pumpkin. It comes with everything you need to make the project inside!!! The only thing you need is adhesive & scissors!   
I also used Bermuda Bay Ink and Tangerine Tango Bakers Twine. The kit came with an ink spot( mini ink pad) & twine, I just wanted to use different colors. The instruction booklet is easy to follow. 
Here is the finished project, I used tissue paper I had laying around. What a cute bag right!? And it took me less than 5 minutes to make. Can't wait to get other Paper Pumpkin Kits.

Here is a link to my website, where you can find out more about Paper Pumpkin Kits and the Subscription.

Don't forget to choose me as your Demonstrator!!! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank You Army Jeep Card

I made this card for The Pioneer Cricuteer, one of the Admins is collecting card for her Hubbies Unit. This is only one of many I will be making. If you would like to send cards and not part of the group let me know and I  can get you the address.

What I used:
Various paper scraps from my stash 
SVG From Too Cute By Jessica - In The Army Now
Elmer's Xtream Glue Stick 
Zig Glue Pen 
Colored Pencils 
Google Eyes 

Here is a screen shot of the SVG in Cricut Design Space, I tweaked it ALOT. I did a lot of welding, coping, pasting, & deleting.  

Everything all cut out, I cut out two layers for the base and welded a head on one so knew where to place it. 

Started gluing everything on, lots of little pieces my favorite!!!!!

I added google eyes, and drew on the mouth with a colored pencil. I placed the second base over the first one to make it look as the Army guy was driving. 

Ta-da here is the finished card, I wasn't to happy with the colors I'd chose but still came out cute. 

Just lift the hood to find the message. I'll be putting Thank You! I hope the recipient enjoys what i have made for them.