Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blow Pop Witch...

The original plan was to make ghosts with the Blow Pops, but I discovered I had no white tissue paper.  So, I tried to find ideas on Pinterest. I found vampires and pumpkins... and nothing really I could use with green. The only color I had, and green ghosts are not cute. I found a cute lil witch hat  and figured i'll just make a WITCH!!!!   

Here are the Supplies I used:

Blow Pops (or Tootsie Pops)
Tissue Paper 
Punched out Flowers 
2 1/2 in circle with a 1 in circle cut out the center
Rectangular Piece Of  Paper rolled into a cone
Google Eyes 
Eye Lash Yarn 

Here she is... Really easy to do.... 

1. Cover the Blow Pop with green tissue paper. 
2. Tie a ribbon around the stick to secure the tissue paper.
3. Cut out your circles, I used my Cricut was easier. 
Trace and Cut The Circle By Hand
4. Roll your rectangular paper into cones. 
5. Slide the circle over the cone to see where you need to cut.  

6. Leave about a 1/4  in. space extra. 
7. Once you have the excess trimmed, make 5 or 6 snips.(about 1/4in.)

8. Should look this.. .then add glue to the tabs .
9. Slide the circle over, should fit perfectly.
Add an additional circle(brim) in the bottom to cover the tabs, the reason i say this is optional is because the hair covers it any way. 
10. Glue on the hat. and add any embellishment.
11. Make the ugly witch nose my twisting tissue paper with your fingers. 
Hold one end in one hand and twist with the other, you will  get a flat side. 
looks funny but makes gluing on easier. 
Add a green bling  to the nose, it look s like a wart. lol

12. Glue on the Google Eyes and Nose.
13. Add a dot of hot glue in the back of her head and just wrap the Eye Lash Yarn around a few times.
Get it as close as possible to the brim of the hat. 
Add a dot more of glue to attach the end of the yarn. 

You my have to fix the fibers a little, and trim the nose but, as long as she is creepy cute that's all that  matters.