Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paper Flower Wreath (1st Post, First Craft for my Blog)

I wanted my first post to be a great craft project, so i made something just to have something cool to share. So here are Step by Step Instructions on how to make a cool paper Flower Wreath.

Step 1. Cut out a bunch of circles different sizes (you can also just punch these out with a punch)

Step 2. Separate the circles in to groups of 5 or 6 by size ( i cut out scallop circle too) 

Step 3. Punch a hole threw all the circles. (If you don't get it in the middle its okay, they come out better if you don't)
Step 4. Smash each  circle into a little ball 
Step 5. Open up each little ball and slid them one by one on to a brad. (any size brad will work )
Step 6. Bend, twist, and turn until you get something that looks kinda like this.

Step 7.Depending on how big you are making your wreath, will determine how many flowers you will want.  
Step 8. Cut out a circle, with a smaller circle on the inside, you can also use foam wreath or any other wreath  base.
I just used paper because it was easy. 
Step 9. Find where you want to add your  flowers and start gluing  them on. 

Step 10. Find a cute image to center your wreath, and just glue him on., and add lace or ribbon to hang up your wreath.
What I used: 
Cricut Explore & Expression 2 to cut the circles and scallops
Martha Stewart Designer Papers (from a few years back)
The skull is from the Cricut Cartridge Rock Princess 
Glue Gun 
Black Lace (from my stash)
Bling On the Crown(from my stash)