Wednesday, August 5, 2015

OITNB Pocket Letter & ID Badge

I recently did an Orange Is the New Black themed Pocket Letter swap with my Facebook BFF Jennifer Laging. I had so much fun creating all the cards and adding the extra goodies. I used my Cricut Explore to create the ID badge and I knew everyone would want to know how it was done. It was very easy to do.  Keep reading to see how....

Upload the above image into Cricut Design Space, with a square photo of your favorite inmate. Make sure you do a Basic Upload, and click complex image. Insert both images into a new project. Resize the square photo of your inmate to fit in the square on the badge. Then using a simple font add your inmates name. If you want it like the show, do it like I did Jen's.  Once you have everything sized and in it's spot select everything and click Attach. I always check to make sure everything is going to Print Then Cut and not just Cut, to check this there will be a printer icon next to your images and text.  Once you've got everything ready to go you can size it to fit in a Pocket Letter, or how fun would these be for a OITNB Viewing Party. If you need more instruction or help please feel free to let me know via FB or in the comments. 

   Jennifer told me she loved all the inmates but her favs are Red and Crazy Eyes, which is why I used them on the front. I know you can't see it but on the back Crazy Eyes Pocket I put a I'd Throw my Pie For You sign, and filled the pocket with die cute dandelions and chocolate and vanilla swirl die cuts.  In the Red pocket I added her Chicken Quote and a bunch of die cute orange chickens. Yes! I did buy Top Ramen, just to steal the flavor packets lol... They fit and tied in so well with the theme. The other goodies don't really tie in with the theme I just used them to stay with the color scheme and send Jen some other crafty goodies.

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