Saturday, August 15, 2015

3D Pumpkin Kit For Halloween Pocket Letters

 I'm excited to share with you all what I include in my Build 3D Pumpkin Kit for my Halloween Pocket Letter, and how to put the pumpkins together. This is a great way to make your Halloween Pocket Letters more interactive. The photo above is the card I made for front of the kit pocket.

This is what you will find in my Build A 3D Pumpkin Kits*:
(And what you can include in yours)
12- Pre-cut, Strips are 1/2in. X 3in, punched with a small hole on each end.
2- Pre-cut, 1in. leaves punched with a small hole. (cut leaves with die-cut machine or punch)
4- Brads(2 will be holding the pre-cut stips together)
10-12in. of twine or ribbon
I've also included a QR to scan and direct my PL Pal to find my blog and also my blog address so they can find this post on how to make their pumpkins.

*Believe it or not this all fits in one 3 1/2in. X 2 1/2in. pockets.


1. Make sure your brad is on the wrong side of the strips. The side you want to show on the out side should have the back of the brad. If you put it the other way it may not sit flat. I've already done this on my kits because it's a bit confusing to explain. 

2. Spread out all the strips. Lay it out so that all you can see is the back side of the strips and the top of that first brad. 

3. Add a brad to the leaf, then pull up opposite strips and add them to the brad like in the photo below. Complete this until you have all 6 strips on the brad and then close the brad.   

4. Press gently on the top to get a great pumpkin shape. 

5. You should have something similar to this, add ribbon or twine on the top for a nice finished touch.

These are so fun and super easy to make. You can make them bigger and stuff them with candy for trick or treaters. This is great kid friendly craft too. I hope you enjoyed this idea for your Halloween  Pocket Letters. If you are visiting my blog because you received a pocket letter from me with this kit, I hope you enjoyed your Pocket Letter and making your pumpkins.